Modesto Man Whose Comic Shop was Burglarized Gets $1,400 Spider-Man Issue Back

MODESTO -- A rare, $1,400 Amazing Spider-Man comic is now back in Sean Beck’s Modesto shop, Invincible Comics.

For the self-proclaimed geek, it's a relief and some justice.

“I know it’s just a book but it’s so much more than that, it’s a violation," Beck said.

Burglars struck Beck's shop twice over the weekend, helping themselves to sweaters, hats and bagging thousands of dollars worth of comic books.

It left Beck saddened, along with his customers.

"It’s sad to know that a friend had been taken advantage of like that," Invincible Comics shopper Romy Gutierrez said.

Beck says many people from all over the world have helped him. Some helped him track down the stolen comics.

"I've notified eBay that this item is stolen," he said.

As well as "The Amazing Spider-Man," which was the priciest book that was taken.

"Really, really sweet seeing our geek community gathered together," Beck said.

He says a friend, who is also a retired police officer, scheduled to meet the Spider-Man seller.

"As much as I love comic book characters and vigilante justice, I don’t want anybody getting hurt," Beck told FOX40.

He says his friend met with the sellers in a public area.

"They got a little nervous, he confronted them about this being a stolen book and they took off," he said.

Beck shared a video of what he says are the suspects drove off in a white Mustang, giving his friend a chance to grab their license plate -- but not before leaving Beck's book.

"It gives me hope that he’ll at least get most of them back," Gutierrez said. "If not all of them."

Beck now plans to add even more security features to Invincible Comics to make sure that the store is safe, as well as his customers.

As for the burglars, he says just like all his customers there's no ill will, only love.

"Start clean, start a new slate," Beck said. "I'd be more than happy to meet with them and pray with them."

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