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Posture Pet Peeves and How to Fix Them

Mae is in the studio with fitness trainer Susanna Kalnes talking about the consequences of bad posture and how to fix it.

Over 80 percent of U.S. adults suffer from some type of back pain.
Susanna said she often sees people practicing good form while exercising, but the second they leave the gym, all of that alignment work goes by the wayside.

Posture Pet Peeve #1: “The Computer Cashew” 
Tips: practice sitting down properly (fold at the hips, sink butt all the way back into chair, let your spine stack to hold up your body, rather than engaging your muscles) and try implementing posture software if you are a repeat offender of the cashew.
Posture Pet Peeve #2: “The Hipster Lean”
Tips: Evenly distribute weight on both feet.  Look down and see if you can see your ankles.  Once you can, micro-bend your knees and then slowly bring your head up.  Voila, you are aligned!
Posture Pet Peeve #3: “The Gym Selfie”
Tips: Have someone else snap a gym pic of you.  And when they do, have them take one of you doing an exercise with good form/alignment.  No posture issues there...and you are more accurately promoting/representing quality time at the gym.
When we practice good posture every day, we replace the pain, discomfort, fatigue, and stress with energy, relaxation, and confidence.

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