Activists Respond to DA’s Decision Not to File Charges Against Officers Involved in Stephon Clark’s Shooting, Death

SACRAMENTO -- Activists were visibly upset when they heard no charges would be filed against the officers who shot and killed 22-year-old Stephon Clark in March 2018.

"It’s disgusting. The whole thing is disgusting and disrespectful," Tanya Faison, President of Black Lives Matter reacted after hearing her decision.

Roughly 40 activists -- faith leaders standing beside them -- marched to the Sacramento Police Department to protest the decision following the announcement.

“We want peace for our city; we want peace for Sacramento. But we also want justice. And we want to show up and speak up," Reverend Dr. Pamela Anderson said.

The NAACP agrees.

“She basically did a closing argument for a prosecution of Mister Clark. She did not do an opening argument for a prosecution of police officers. The issue is shoot or don’t shoot. She spent very little time on that. She maligned the victim's character," attorney George Jones of NAACP said.

The NAACP plans to come out with a counter-report.

“So what do we do beyond this? If the DA is not going to prosecute, where does the power lie? The power lies within the city of Sacramento," NAACP President Betty William said.

The NAACP said it intends to pressure the City to fire the officers involved.

“It ain’t over. It ain’t over.”

The NAACP will host a news conference Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

Clark’s girlfriend, Salena Manni, is scheduled to speak.

Click HERE for a timeline of the events that occurred following Stephon Clark’s death. 

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