Chief Hahn Speaks after DA Files No Charges in Stephon Clark Shooting Case

SACRAMENTO -- Following a decision by the Sacramento County district attorney clearing the two officers who killed Stephon Clark last year, some in the capitol city believe the move will embolden the police to think that they can do anything without being held accountable.

People across the city of Sacramento are disappointed.

They're angry.

What does Police Chief Hahn have to say to inspire trust in the wake of al that?

"I would just say...even from a personal level...I've been a police officer for 32 years now and unfortunately there have been other officer-involved shootings.  And I can't ever remember a time after any officer-involved shooting that anyone was emboldened... no matter what the decision was. These are trying, trying circumstances for everybody," Hahn said.

Trying times as a family grieve, a police department grapples with criticism and a community comes to grips with the fact that two officers will not face criminal prosecution for shooting Clark to death in his grandmother's backyard - his cell phone mistaken for a gun.

One on one, Hahn shared a solution for the uncertain days ahead.

"Implement training and policies that don't put our officers in those situations in the first place," he said. "Our commitment is to get better."

With what's next ticking forward, Hahn is still answering to the past.

He revealed that his department gave the district attorney one of the most controversial items of evidence she detailed in her report clearing Clark's killers - texts on his cell phone.

It's data his family says Anne Marie Schubert used to unfairly smear Clark's troubled relationship with his fiancé and expose suicidal thoughts that had nothing to do with the police...shooting him...days later.

It was a mention that left many asking questions - ones we first posed to the Chief live on air.

A lot of people wanted to know if the officers cell phones were looked at, what they  were talking about online or searching right before or right after this incident?

"I think that's a legitimate question..their phones were not looked at," the chief explained.

And though Clark's blood was tested, revealing a cocktail of drugs - illicit and otherwise - what substances might have been in the officers' systems weren't checked either.

"I think that's a legitimate question to ask and one to consider in the future."

The chief... vowing to look ahead , but keep this case and the pain of the community in the forefront of his thoughts.

"The name Stephon Clark will stand for more than just a tragedy, but something positive in our community."

The officers who killed Clark, Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet, have been back to work for some time but are not yet back out on the street as an internal department investigation continues.

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