Community Members, Activists Protest at Sacramento PD Headquarters

SACRAMENTO -- Within hours of the news that the officers who killed Stephon Clark would not be prosecuted, hundreds gathered at the Sacramento police Department. Voicing solidarity, pain and anger.

"I’m still sitting in a lot of grief I don’t know about a specific message, nothing I can say is we already knew what this verdict was going to be," stated protester Asantewaa.

Many said that said based on her record of never bringing charges against officers who have killed civilians, they were not surprised by District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s decision in this case.  They said the problem is bigger than one official.

"she is just a moving cog it definitely is a systemic thing..." said Ayotunde Ikuku.

Others took it a step further saying they feel there's no hope for repairing police policy.

"We cannot rely on them to provide us with safety.... the roof of that tree is rotten," said Onethia Riley.

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