Steinberg, Community Leaders Speak Out after DA Announcement in Stephon Clark Case

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is frustrated.

He says the decision to not charge the police officers responsible for killing Stephon Clark was something a lot of people saw coming.

"Today's announcement is not a surprise," Steinberg said.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced Saturday that she concluded that no crime had been committed when two officers used deadly force in the incident a year ago.

But Steinberg says Clark's death should never have happened.

"Was the outcome wrong? Was the outcome unacceptable?" Steinberg said. "The answer is yes."

And now he and some community leaders are standing together asking for change, starting with shifting the legal standard of when to use deadly force from reasonable to necessary to prevent future killings.

"I don’t know if a prevention standard would have changed this particular outcome, but I want to change future outcomes. We all want to change future outcomes," Steinberg said.

Outside City Hall, activists and faith leaders gathered to say they don't want to wait, and want action taken against the officers immediately.

"This was murder," Voice of the Youth founder Berry Accius said. "These officers must be fired and they must be fired immediately."

Religious leaders called for people to mobilize.

"Enough is enough. She didn't finish the job. It's now ours to finish," Rev. Kevin Ross, of Unity of Sacramento, said.

Ross urged people to make their frustration heard through peaceful demonstration. Leaders also encouraged people to go to "safe zones" at local community centers, which will allow people to voice their feelings at different times throughout the week.

"I want our community to continue to demand justice in the most dignified ways possible and we know how to do that well," Ross said.

Many in the community want change to come in the form of legislation, with a lot of discussion Assembly Bill 392 -- which would restrict a police officer's use of deadly force.

Steinberg, a former member of the State Legislature, said he supports the bill.

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