Stephon Clark’s Mother Speaks Out Following DA’s Decision Not to Charge Officers in His Death

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SACRAMENTO -- SeQuette Clark, Stephon Clark’s mother, gave her take on Sacramento County District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert’s press conference announcing the decision not to charge the officers who gunned down her son.

“Shame on the DA, shame on her, I know she will not sleep well at night, she can’t,” Se’Quette Clark said. “I don’t care if he was a criminal, none of that matters, what matters is how those officers came with lethal force around the corner on a vandalism call when he had nothing but a cell phone in his hand.”

She expressed disgust over DA Schubert’s discussion of Stephon’s criminal record and the drugs in his system when he died.

“Everyone should just stop and think about what they did at 22, everybody made mistakes, everybody partied, everybody messed up,” SeQuette said.

For her, today’s decision reinforced what she already felt to be true.

“My faith in the justice system is what it has been, it’s not for us, it’s not for the black community,” SeQuette stated.

Jamila Land, a close family friend, says there is a way to change that. She asked the community to use the power if their vote to pass a policing reform law regarding deadly force.

“There’s a law that has been birthed out of the death of Stephon Clark, AB-392 I’m calling the people of the state off CA and this country to please get this legislative bill passed so there will be no more Stephon Clarks,” Land said.

As for Stephon’s mom, she says, though nearly a year in coming, today’s decision is just the beginning.

“We have just sat and waited patiently for their response, we have not had any fight for justice, we have not had any fight, the fight will begin now,” SeQuette said.

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