Neighbors Recall Night of Stephon Clark’s Death, React to DA’s Decision

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Evelyn Solorio remembers the night her friend called the police to her South Sacramento neighborhood after reports of car break-ins along 29th Street.

"I actually had went out that night to get my kids dinner and came back and there was glass on the floor," Solorio told FOX40 Sunday.

But when police arrived, it didn’t take long for things to take a deadly turn.

"Maybe about three, four, five minutes later you hear the gunshots," Solorio said.

Shots were fired right across the street from her home at the Clark family residence. It’s where unarmed 22-year-old Stephon Clark was shot to death by two Sacramento police officers.

"It was excessive force, to be honest," Solorio said. "There’s no way that you can OK a scenario where the young man is already on the floor, his hands are out and you clearly see the cell phone right next to him. What part of that did you feel threatened for your life?"

Nearly a year after that fatal shooting, the Sacramento County District Attorney announced there would be no charges for the officers responsible.

"I think the DA didn't make the right decision at all," said neighbor Fred Jones.

For some people living in the neighborhood where it happened, the decision left a lingering sting.

"I didn’t feel they was justified for their actions because they shot the man behind his back," Jones said. "So I don’t feel nobody should have to die over no misdemeanors, for breaking car windows."

But not everyone who was there the night Clark died feels the officers should face consequences. One neighbor, who chose not to be identified, told FOX40 the officers were simply doing their jobs.

"In my opinion, they were just doing their duties to help secure the community to be a safe community," the neighbor said.

But many in the neighborhood say they want to see justice.

"You don’t look at everything the same anymore. It’s a scar and I can only imagine what his grandparents are going through," Solorio said.

Neighbors said they hope to see positive change come to the area and are calling for improved relations between the South Sacramento community and police.

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