Stephon Clark’s Family to Host ‘Legacy Weekend’

SACRAMENTO -- Stevante Clark is still hoping his heartache will be a catalyst for change, even after learning no criminal charges will be filed against the police officers who shot and killed his brother, Stephon.

"If officers get away with things like this then it makes it seem like it’s OK in our community," Stevante Clark said on Sunday.

He told reporters District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's decision is justice delayed, if not denied, but he plans to keep fighting.

"I would like for the attorney general to prosecute the officers. I would like for Chief Daniel Hahn to recommend to the city manager to fire these officers," Stevante Clark said. "I would like accountability. I want justice and accountability."

Faith leaders are now calling for Schubert to be removed from office.

"While her decision is not surprising, what is so surprising is her shameful presentation of the highly personal information of Stephon Clark," said the Rev. Tecoy Porter Sr.

During the announcement, Schubert outlined threatening text messages exchanged between Clark and his fiancée days before the shooting and alleged instances of domestic violence.

She also talked about Clark’s internet search history, showing he looked up suicide methods.

"It doesn’t matter is all I’m saying. We should be looking at these officers," Stevante Clark said. "Were there any drugs in their system? Let’s look at their phone records, let’s see what they search on the internet. Let’s play."

The district attorney said she wanted to include all the evidence investigators gathered that likely would have come up in a trial.

"We have done our very best to balance transparency with sensitivity to the Clark family," Schubert said Saturday during her announcement.

Through the pain, Stevante is still calling for unity. It's why the family will host a "legacy weekend" to honor Stephon Clark, with a rally, prayer and conversation.

"We all need healing. Not just the Clark family was affected by this but the whole Meadowview community, Sacramento community," Stevante Clark said.

The weekend will include several events starting on March 15. It will end with a remembrance service on the one-year anniversary of the shooting, March 18.

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