Storm Leaves Trail of Damage Through Sonora

SONORA -- Raging waters left behind a trail of debris in downtown Sonora Wednesday.

"This is the first time in I don’t even know in how many years we’ve had rain like this," said Bobby Ennis.

Ennis has called Sonora home for 28 years. In all that time he has never seen Woods Creek rise high enough to flood nearby homes and businesses.

"I've seen it get close to this but not this bad," he told FOX40.

Sonora police Chief Turu Vanderweil said around 1:30 p.m. a hail storm passed through the county followed by heavy rains.

"Pretty much started the perfect storm, so to speak," Vanderweil said.

He said homes and businesses were flooded, embankments were damaged and cars were left stranded in standing water.

"With the rainfall pushing the hail that collected on the rooftops and on the streets into the culverts and drains, it started clogging up the water flow and so it started flooding," Vanderweil said.

The police chief said it could take days to clear up debris left behind.

"Right up the road they were actually evacuating people," said Michelle Johnson.

Johnson was on the job as a mail carrier when she took a moment to capture footage of the raging waters.

"You got to deliver no matter what, except when it's completely flooded and you can't go over bridges," she said.

While no one was injured, people in town were taking the necessary precautions.

"I hope that the next storm that comes isn’t as bad," Johnson said.

911 calls to the Sonora Police Department and county sheriff's office were being redirected to a neighboring county.

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