Yuba City Woman Confronts Teenage Suspect in Her Home

YUBA CITY -- A Yuba City woman says she was sleeping when someone broke into her home Tuesday night.

The victim in the break-in says her home is not the typical home that a suspect would knowingly want to break into.

"I’m a practicing witch. I’ve been for a long time," said 34-year-old Amber Bankhead. "I run a page on Facebook called 'Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous,' where I go live and I show people how to do spells."

Bankhead said she was asleep in bed when she heard something.

"I heard scratching noises. I have three cats, I just assumed it was one of my cats," she told FOX40.

But she says the scratching went on for too long.

So she grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911. She still had not pressed the connect key when she got out of bed and started down her long hallway.

"And I peeked like this and stepped out, and the guy was standing right in front of me," Bankhead said.

Seeing the tall, hooded silhouette in the living room, Bankhead pressed the send button on her cell, connecting her to 911.

"He was just staring at this picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I," she recalled.

After she screamed at him, Bankhead said the suspect calmly walked back over to the sliding glass door, which is where he had broken through.

She says Yuba City police officers were at her home in no time and arrested the suspect. Police told FOX40 the suspect is 16 years old.

Investigators recovered a screwdriver he dropped inside Bankhead’s home, along with a dagger in his possession. When cops took him into custody, police say he had a set of tools matching the screwdriver that was recovered.

"I decided that I was going to not be Ted Bundy’d in my bed," she said.

Yuba City police believe the same 16-year-old suspect broke into another house Tuesday night, also leaving behind a screwdriver.

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