Tracy Police Say 2 ‘Swatting’ Incidents Happened Last Week

TRACY -- For two consecutive days, police converged on two separate neighborhoods in Tracy. Both situations turned out to be hoaxes.

"Swatting is a big deal. It may seem like fun to the person doing the swatting but it has real-life consequences," Tracy Police Lieutenant Terry Miller said.

Swatting is when someone reports a fake emergency at an unsuspecting home or business in the hopes of prompting a large police response, often including a SWAT team.

Miller says his department is now on guard after two swatting incidents last week.

The first call came in last Wednesday to a home on Glenhaven Drive. Then, on Thursday, police rushed to a home on Jenni Lane only for it to be another fake emergency.

"Both were male callers saying that one was that he shot his wife and that she was dead," Miller said. "The second male caller said he had stabbed his wife and that she was dead."

Both calls were a waste of resources since first responders have to act as if every call is real, potentially putting others at risk.

"Those officers, those firemen, those paramedics are not available to handle other real calls for service, where people actually need our help," Miller said.

Police say the fake 911 calls are more than just a nuisance, they put people in danger.

"Anytime that you have such a serious call, tensions are high. We're looking at a potential homicide. We have officers, their guns are more at a tactical kind of situation," Miller told FOX40. "There's so much potential for things to go wrong and that's why it makes it so dangerous."

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