UC Irvine Freshman who Died after Party had Blood Alcohol Level of 0.331, Authorities Say

(KTLA) -- The Orange County Sheriff's Department released an official cause of death on Monday for a UC Irvine freshman who died in January after attending a party.

FOX40 sister station KTLA reports Noah Caleb Domingo, 18, died of accidental acute ethanol intoxication, the coroner found, according to a statement released by the sheriff's department.

His blood alcohol level was approximately 0.331 at the time of his death, the statement read.

Domingo died at a house located on Sycamore Creek in Irvine on Jan. 12, authorities said. That night, he had attended a "big brother/little brother" party as part of a rush week event for his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, his father told KTLA days after his son's death.

At the time, Dale Domingo expressed concern that alcohol may have been a factor.

"Whether this is or wasn't, I don't know," he said. "But if it was, a fraternity is supposed to be a brotherhood and you're supposed to look out for each other — and my son's not here."

The fraternity was placed on interim suspension after Domingo died amid the investigation into his death, according to the university.

The investigation remains ongoing.

"The Irvine Police Department is actively investigating this case," Irvine police Lt. Mark Anderson said in the sheriff's statement. "At the conclusion of our investigation, we will present our findings to the District Attorney's Office, which will determine whether charges are warranted."

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