Stephon Clark’s Family Comes Together with Community Before Anniversary of His Death

SACRAMENTO -- It had been a weekend full of healing, calls for unity and celebration over the life of Stephon Clark.

Clark's brother, Stevante, wanted the weekend to be about Stephon. Monday marks one year since he was shot and killed by Sacramento police.

There has been a number of events put on in Stephon Clark's name by different groups over the past year.

"If it’s positive the family supports it," Stevante Clark said. "I appreciate everybody that's come together and doing whatever it is they're doing in honor of my brother as long as it’s peaceful and positive. Everybody love everybody."

"It’s been strength for us. It’s been love. It’s been also faithfulness," said Stephon Clark's grandmother, Sequita Thompson.

Thompson said the weekend was special because it was organized by her family. She hoped it sent a powerful message to the community.

"Peace and love and then also try to get healing. Healing is the most important thing," she said.

Families of all ages gathered inside the Meadowview community center to pay tribute to Stephon Clark and connect with one another.

"I think it’s a beautiful opportunity for us to show how united we truly are and that there's not as much negativity that needs to be shined on situations where we can all be so positive," said John'Nay Lasha, who performed at the event. "So, a day and peace of love was just perfect for me to get a part of.”

As people were celebrating peace and unity, Stevante Clark was already thinking about Monday.

"I’m going to be thinking about how it’s been a year. And not only nothing has been done, no one’s been held accountable, but how I’m not able to be there with him and how I’m not able to see him," he told FOX40. "And how I don't get any more Christmases and Thanksgivings and birthdays. So that's deep in my heart, heavy on my heart, real heavy."

He said although time has gone by, Stephon’s absence is still greatly felt. He hopes his brother’s legacy will inspire lasting change in the city he called home.

"Our hearts are broken but we hope something good comes out of this, at least for the community," Stevante Clark said.

There is a full lineup of events scheduled for Monday as the community marks one year since the shooting death of Stephon Clark. A number of people are coming to the city to support the family, including Rev. Al Sharpton.

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