West Sacramento Family Raising $17,000 to Get Autistic Daughter a Service Dog

WEST SACRAMENTO -- A West Sacramento mother needs the community's help to raise $17,000 so she can get her 6-year-old autistic daughter a service dog.

"She's become really aggressive lately. She harms herself and she harms others," said Yendi Tello.

Although she has a great support group at home, Tello's daughter, Kairi, must have someone there with her 24/7.

"She is not aware of danger," Tello explained. "If we were to leave the door open, she would be able to open it and just take off. We're working on that, trying to show her some safety skills, but she lacks it, she's not aware of it."

Recently, Tello was introduced to the idea of an autism assistance dog. The special service dog would be trained to recognize Kairi's specific needs.

"It's going to open her life to a new world and it's not only going to help with her aggression and her behaviors, but it's also going to help her with her social skills," her mother told FOX40.

Tello and her family made a connection with a group in Ohio that trains autism assistance dogs. Now, they're doing all they can over the next several months to raise the $17,000 so that Kairi and her family can get the help at home that is essential to a healthy upbringing.

"Having this dog would definitely benefit my daughter," Tello said. "She needs a companion. She needs someone to be there guiding her."

The family says once they've raised the money for the dog it will take another year and a half to have that animal trained to Kairi's needs. If you would like to help Kairi's family you can click here.

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