Woman’s Service Dog Goes Missing in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD -- It has been a week since Buddy, Rebecca Helems’ service dog and beloved furry family member, went missing.

"I was standing here barbecuing, and then I turned around and put all my stuff down, and I noticed he wasn’t over there like he had been when I first put the barbecue stuff down,"  Helems said. "I realized that he wasn't in the backyard anymore."

The 10-pound Yorkie likely slipped through a small hole in the back gate.

Helens says she quickly put some shoes on to go search the neighborhood.

"I went to the high school. I went up to Texas Street and walked up and down Texas," she said. "No Buddy."

She called local groomers and animal shelters, and checked to see if his microchip had been scanned.

"We drove around looking for him. Still, no Buddy," Helems said. "I've had him since he was eight weeks old. Now he’s three years and five months. I love that dog like he's a child."

Helems has hypoglycemia. Some hypoglycemics get warning signs, but Helems' symptoms come suddenly -- from feeling fine to blacking out.

Helems says Buddy gives her a nudge on the leg to remind her that she needs to eat.

Now, she's just praying that Buddy is alright.

"If someone does have him, I just hope that they’re taking good care of him," she said.

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