Video Appears to Show Driver Pointing Gun at Car in North Highlands Road Rage Incident

NORTH HIGHLANDS -- Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a woman appears to brandish a handgun and point it at a neighboring car.

The video was captured just before 3 p.m. Saturday on Elkhorn Boulevard in North Highlands.

"Yesterday afternoon we were just out running errands and we stopped at the stoplight," said the driver of the other car, who did not want to be identified.

Image appears to show a disgruntled driver pointing a gun at another car in North Highlands.

She said she was driving eastbound toward Walerga Road with her husband when the woman became agitated.

In their dashcam video, the stoplight turns green before it quickly changes to a red light near a fire station just past Watt Avenue.

"She starts laying on her horn and honking and we kind of pull up," the woman recalled.

She said another car driving alongside them prevented the woman from passing.

That’s when the camera captures the woman pulling out of her lane and toward their car before she points what appears to be a handgun out of the window.

"My husband did believe that it was a black, semi-automatic weapon," the woman said.

Then she’s seen speeding away.

"I was thankful that my family was in the car with me because it was pretty scary," the woman told FOX40. "With the concealed weapon laws it could have ... she could have pointed that gun at the wrong person."

The family immediately called 911 but the woman was long gone.

Now, the driver has advice for anyone who may find themselves falling victim to road rage.

"I mean, try to stay calm and level-headed. Don’t react. If someone had reacted it could have been a lot worse."

CHP officials confirm their dispatch received a call about a driver possibly brandishing a gun. If you happen to have information call police.

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