Surveillance Camera at Fairfield Store Captures Couple Shoving Shoes in Their Pants

FAIRFIELD -- Surveillance cameras captured the moment a couple decided to swipe some shoes from clothing store Napadashery in downtown Fairfield last Friday.

The teenage daughter of the female shoe swiper has been a regular at the 50-year-old clothing shop for some time now, according to Lariviere. She says the girl has been saving money to buy things for her mother and grandmother.

"Her parents were having a heyday, shoving shoes in their bags and in their pants. It just really broke my heart," Lariviere told FOX40.

In the video, the man is seen taking pairs of shoes from the rack, then carefully places them inside his pants.

"If you look really close, he has like three pairs of pants on. So, he layers up to stick 'em in," Lariviere described.

Lariviere said it's just too bad because she's not the type of person to turn anyone away.

"If you want it that bad, I'll give it to you," she said. "Just don't steal it from me. That's the worst feeling in the world, 'cause I work hard."

She said she always has something that customers can afford.

"I try to have prices for everyone. I don't care if you have a dollar to $300. You're gonna find something at the Napadashery," Lariviere said.

Although police usually only get involved when the loss starts at $1,000, Lariviere said it was more important to put out the surveillance video and make locals aware of the couple. The theft cost her a little more than $100.

"Everybody that walks through my door, I want them to feel like they're at home," Lariviere said. "Even if you don't buy anything, I don't care. Just come in and say hi."

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