County: Woman with Measles Attended Basketball Game in Turlock

TURLOCK -- Health officials in Stanislaus County say a woman with measles attended a basketball game at Turlock High School last week.

The Central Valley Senior Showcase drew hundreds of teens, parents and children but families not immune to measles may now be in danger.

"I think it’s kinda scary but, again, I think if you took the time to get the kids vaccinated, as you should have had, I think you might be OK," parent Terry Schultz said.

Stanislaus County Health Officer Dr. Julie Vaishampayan says a woman with measles attended the event, but was unaware she had the disease.

"This is the only place that she went in this county, so that’s also good," Vaishampayan said. "Our only concern is people who may have attended the game."

Measles is an airborne and highly-contagious disease.

"You develop a fever and then usually a cough and a runny nose," Vaishampayan said.

She also says to watch out for itchy eyes and the telltale rash.

The best way to protect oneself, Vaishampayan says, is to get immunized -- though she is aware that some parents may be reluctant to do so.

“No vaccine is 100% effective, and no vaccine is 100% safe, but they are safer than getting the disease," Vaishampayan said.

Stanislaus County is offering MMR vaccines for those without insurance.

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