Girl Rescued after Falling Several Feet Between Truckee House, Large Pile of Snow

Rescuers removing snow from the pile next to the house (left). Eva with her harness and helmet on in the cave (right). (Credit: Truckee Police Department)

TRUCKEE — First responders had to a rescue a girl who fell into a “snow cave” while vacationing in Truckee.

On Monday, the Truckee Police Department reported the 7-year-old girl named Eva tumbled into a cave that had been formed between the side of a house and a pile of snow.

Police estimate she fell between 6 to 8 feet but was uninjured.

(Credit: Truckee Police Department)

With guidance from Truckee officers and fire personnel, Eva had to put on her own helmet and harness so she could be lifted up out of the cave.

The police department says Eva was hoisted to safety and can now enjoy the rest of her vacation.

The department also warns people to keep away from snow caves, which are now forming as the snow piled up in the area begins to melt in the warmer weather.

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