Memorial Service Held for Bishop Francis Quinn

SACRAMENTO -- Funeral services were held Monday for Bishop Francis Quinn, who led the Sacramento Catholic Diocese from 1980 to 1994.

Quinn died at the age of 97. He was the oldest Catholic bishop in the United States at the time of his death.

Hundreds of Catholic priests, as well as family and members if the diocese were in attendance.

Quinn is remembered for his devotion to the principals of peace and charity. He interacted with and advocated on behalf of the homeless. He also often led protests against nuclear weapons and war as well anti-abortion policies of the church.

He was also known as a gentle humble bishop who liked to interact with members of his flock.

He ministered to Native Americans in Arizona upon his retirement, eventually moving back to Sacramento in 2007. He continued to lead services at the senior care home where lived until his death on March 21.

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