Widower Files Lawsuit after Woman Killed by Caltrans Operator Clearing Homeless Encampment

MODESTO -- Caltrans is facing another lawsuit in the death of a Modesto woman who was struck by a Caltrans vehicle clearing a homeless encampment in August.

Shannon Bigley's husband says he was devastated when learned of his wife's death over social media.

"That was my world, she was, she meant everything to me," Bigley's husband, Earnest Gray Jr., told FOX40.

Bigley and Gray separated in August over what he called "differences."

Both were homeless.

Investigators say Bigley was killed by a Caltrans operator who was clearing out an encampment near Kansas Avenue in Modesto.

"It was like somebody took a sledgehammer and just hit me dead in the chest with it," Gray said. "I mean, I literally dropped to my knees."

Gray's brother, Carl Dangerfield, says when he learned of Bigley's death, he knew he had to find his brother and get him help.

"I want him to keep thriving like he's doing and not let the hurdles that he’s facing just bring him down," Dangerfield said.

Now, the family says they are raising money to help those in need.

"Believe it or not, first aid kits are needed. These guys cut their hands all the time," Dangerfield said. "Soap, socks, just things like that."

Before Gray continues on his road to recovery, he wants one last chance to speak to his wife.

"Where my wife's remains are, you know, I haven't had the opportunity to say goodbye," he said.

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