Surveillance Shows Man Tampering With Turlock Business’s Security Camera

TURLOCK -- A suspected vandal was seen in surveillance video tampering with security equipment at a downtown Turlock business.

Merafuentes Tae Kwon Do Academy's owner, Tony Merafuentes, shared the surveillance footage with FOX40, which shows a man's not so slick moves caught on camera.

"We didn’t know if someone was going to come back or what and that kinda feels a little of an invasion, a little bit," Merafuentes said.

In the video, the man is seen staying low in what appears to be an attempt to avoid the surveillance cameras Tuesday night.

"From the looks of it, looks like he was trying to look into the attic crawl space, possibly trying to find a way to get in there," Merafuentes said.

Minutes pass by then the man pushes the camera up. It drops down to reveal him messing with the camera’s wires.

Though much of his face is not seen, visible tattoos on his left hand are, which appear to include the letters "RLC."

Then the image goes dark.

Merafuentes says he discovered the footage the next morning and found another odd piece of evidence.

"What caught us off guard was he wrapped everything up nice and neat, pushed the camera back into place, hid all the wires," he told FOX40.

With his martial arts academy cameras back online, his fence and laser motion detectors still intact, Merafuentas said he was doing all he could to protect his business.

"I have security cameras all through here to keep our children safe, keep our employees safe and also keep the bad guy out," Merafuentes said.

However, this has not just happened at Merafuentes’ academy. FOX40 also spoke to a few business owners who said that they’ve experienced some sort of vandalism or break-in within the past couple of months.

A spokesman with the Turlock Police Department said investigators are looking into the incident and said the man's behavior suggests he may have been planning on coming back to the business.

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