Upcoming Storms Could Pose Problems for Sierra Residents, Visitors

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On Thursday, people in the Sierra were gearing up for yet another round of storms.

Although they may not pack the same punch as previous ones, the storms are coming as a lot of snow remains on the ground from earlier in the year.

After shoveling and blowing snow nearly every day this season, Mick Sterling's work was finally finished. However, with at least another foot of snow coming by this weekend, the Soda Springs resident will be back at it again.

Sterling showed FOX40 what happens when you don't clear the powder.

"Once the snow doesn't shed off anymore, the weight just starts pushing the house back. Just pushed the whole top level right off the house," Sterling said.

The weight of all the snow took out his neighbor's roof recently. Sterling said he believes the snow packed in around the home is the only reason the house is still standing.

"Look at the back of the house too, that's supposed to be a plum wall and it's getting pushed," Sterling explained. "There's no way that's going to stand up when the snow melts."

Down the road at the Kingvale Caltrans station, plow operators were on standby.

"We got all hands on deck just like we do with any other storm and we're ready to go," said Caltrans spokesman and superintendent Greg DeAlba.

DeAlba said that one of his biggest concerns is that drivers won't take the spring storm seriously this weekend. He wanted to remind drivers that Interstate 80 could be shut down at any moment if conditions become too dangerous.

"Absolutely, a lot of people let their guards down," DeAlba said. "They come up here, a lot of people have already put there summer/spring tires on. We just really want people to make sure they are checking the weather before they come up here."

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