Rite Aid Pharmacy Robbery in Auburn Leads to Manhunt

AUBURN -- Three suspects are accused of robbing the Rite Aid off Grass Valley Highway Saturday afternoon.

By text and phone calls, neighbors near Summit Street in Auburn learned of a man on the loose who was considered dangerous.

"The phone rang and it was the police department saying, 'Get inside your house and lock it up,'" said neighbor Randy Cox.

Police said the suspects threatened a Rite Aid pharmacist, telling him they had a gun before taking off with a large number of prescription drugs.

"It funds the criminal side of street drugs," said Auburn Police Officer Vlade Grkovich. "It’s a quick way they can steal it and sell it on the streets."

The suspects drove off, leading police to the intersection of Summit and Walters streets.

One of the suspects, 24-year-old Kody Scoveol of Roseville, was taken into custody.

"I walked out there to look and then here comes the ambulance and then here comes the firetruck," Cox told FOX40. "So, I’m looking down the street and they had one guy in custody and I guess he got hurt somehow."

The others took off running.

Police found a second suspect less than a mile away near Hidden Creek Drive shortly after. That suspect is 17 years old so his name will not be released.

The police department is now calling on the public to help them find the third person involved. Officers told FOX40 he is considered dangerous and may be armed.

Police believe all the drugs that were taken were recovered by officers.

It’s unclear if the men really had a gun as they were threatening. Police did not find any weapons on the two suspects taken into custody.

The foot search for the third person was called off Sunday night.

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