DMV: Broken Printer, Software Glitch Delayed Permits for Thousands of Trucking Companies

SACRAMENTO -- A broken printer and a software glitch are why the California Department of Motor Vehicles says thousands of businesses across the state couldn’t get proper permits to operate their trucks.

"That is just utterly inexcusable," said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno.

Patterson has been providing oversight on the DMV through a litany of problems in the past few years, which prompted a scathing state audit in March.

The agency admitted Monday that its motor carrier permits required for every trucking business in California were backlogged at least six weeks.

"We have companies in the state of California who have hundreds of trucks who, as of this very day, still have not gotten their permits," Patterson told FOX40.

Gail Key and her husband operate a trucking business. When it came time in February to renew their motor carrier permit they were one of at least 5,600 business owners who the DMV held up.

They were forced to operate illegally without a permit or lose out on their livelihood.

"We can’t operate without it," Key said. "He said, 'Well, you can illegally but if you get caught there’s a pretty big fine.' It’s very frustrating."

No one at the DMV would agree to an interview with FOX40 but a statement said in part:

"The DMV corrected the issue in early March, and there has been no backlog for several weeks now ... Some commercial drivers could face a delay in receiving their permit due to other factors, including errors in their application and late filing."

Assemblyman Patterson refuted the DMV and said the effects of the backlog are still being felt.

"I’m tired of the excuses," Patterson said. "I think the people of California are tired of the excuses. It’s now time to turn the page."

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