San Mateo Police: Uber Driver Arrested after Attempting to Burglarize Passengers’ Home

SAN MATEO — An Uber driver was arrested Friday and accused of trying to steal from a San Mateo home after dropping its residents off at the airport.

Jackie Gordon Wilson (Credit: San Mateo Police Department)

Around 9 p.m., San Mateo police officers arrested Jackie Gordon Wilson in Rancho Cordova.

The San Mateo Police Department reports the previous day Wilson was suspected of trying to burglarize a home on Rand Street before ransacking another home just blocks away on Nash Drive.

The Nash Drive homeowner shared Ring surveillance footage of the burglary on a Ring community platform, where the police department says other users recognized Wilson as an Uber driver. They said he had just picked up the Rand Street residents and dropped them off at the airport before he returned to their home an hour later and tried to burglarize it.

An alarm thwarted his attempt but Wilson went to the Nash Drive home soon after and stole several items.

Police were able to recover some of those items the next day at Wilson’s home.

Wilson was booked into the San Mateo County Jail.

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