Sacramento Girl Takes Step Toward Professional Baseball Dream

SACRAMENTO -- While some wonder if women will ever be allowed to play in Major League Baseball, one Sacramento girl is taking one step closer toward that dream.

For 11-year-old Zoe Pham, playing baseball professionally is not an impossible dream.

“I started in San Diego when I was around 5," she told FOX40.

Ever since, she's been playing on little league softball teams in almost every position.

"First base, shortstop, pitcher, catcher," she said. "Any position is fun."

But softball is not quite baseball.

"The pitch is very different, the field is different and the size of the ball is different," Pham said.

And, at least right now, Pham says, the issue with baseball is that it's generally just boys.

Her mother, Melissa Mantong, didn't want her daughter to be the only girl on the team, so she started looking into girls baseball, asking coaches and parents.

"I started doing some research and came across the Trailblazer Series for girls," Mantong said.

The MLB Trailblazers Series is an invitational tournament specifically for young ladies who play baseball.

Pham will be one of 30 players from California going to the youth academy in Compton, where she will also receive development training.

"I think it’s an awesome opportunity, definitely what I consider is a once in a lifetime experience," Mantong said.

Mantong surprised her daughter, signing her up and asking her the acceptance email without telling her what it was.

"I was kind of mad because my mom pranked me," Pham said. "But you know what? It was a good prank."

It's not the bigs yet, but Pham's parents believe that with enough hard work, she could one day play professional baseball.

"It could happen. It won't be an easy path but it's definitely possible," Mantong said.

Pham says she is not going to give up.

"With the MLB supporting girls playing baseball, it's definitely going to change the way people see things," Pham said. "And that might just change how people feel about girls playing baseball."

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