The Odds Were In a Stockton Teen’s Favor When He Underwent Heart Surgery. Days Later, He Died

STOCKTON -- The odds were supposed to be in 16-year-old Jaishyne Lopez's favor when he underwent surgery last week.

The Stockton teen's parents say he put on a brave face in the days leading up to his surgery, but he confided with friends that he was scared.

Days later, Jaishyne was brain dead.

Jaishyne was born with truncus arteriosus and plastic bronchitis, two conditions that affected his heart and respiratory system. Still, Jaishyne had a persistent creative spirit.

"Since he was born, they told him he shouldn’t or he couldn’t be able to do and he’s always done them anyways and pushed himself all the time," his father, Julian, told FOX40.

"Making his videos, creating his videos and just seeing his imagination come to life," Jaishyne's step-father Chris Purganan said.

His parents say the Weston Ranch High School sophomore, JROTC student and aspiring filmmaker died early Monday after his heart surgery.

Jaishyne's family says UC San Francisco doctors told them the surgery had a 98% success rate.

"The surgery was supposed to give him like 30 years more of life," his mother, Christina Purganan said.

The operation was meant to replace some of Jaishyne's heart valves.

He told his parents that he wasn't nervous -- instead, sharing his fears with his friends.

"He said, 'No, I’m not afraid, mommy,' and I think he just wanted me to be comforted," Christina said. "He didn’t want me to feel the fear that he had."

His family says sometime during the 12-hour operation, Jaishyne lost oxygen for several hours. Days later, he was brain dead, then taken off life support.

Now, his family wants to how it happened.

"I know it was nothing intentionally, obviously, but something happened. We just don’t know," Christina said. "We love him so much and we're gonna miss everything about him."

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Jaishyne's family.

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