Two Teens Hospitalized after Hit-and-Run Crash in Meadowview

MEADOWVIEW -- Two teenagers were injured in a hit-and-run crash in Meadowview Wednesday night, according to police.

Around 8:30 p.m., Vance Chandler with the Sacramento Police Department reports two female teenagers were hit by a car on John Still Drive in the area of Manorside Drive and Hemford Circle.

The driver did not stop.

"How can you not stop for my daughter but I bet they would have stopped for a damn dog, you know? It's sad," Shana Mays said. Her daughter, Lavonia Ellis, is on life support.

Mays says her daughter was walking home from basketball practice with a friend when they were hit.

"They found Rita in the gutter and they found my daughter a little ways away," Mays said.

Based on evidence at the scene, detectives believe a "Nissan-type" vehicle was involved in the crash.

It's not even clear how long the girls were lying there before they were found.

"I'm not too sure but it was too long," Mays told FOX40.

The investigation remains active. If you have any information, contact the Sacramento Police Department's dispatch center at 916-808-5471.

There is no certainty about Lavonia’s future at this point -- if she'll play basketball again, if she'll walk again, talk again or even wake up. But Mays has unwavering faith in her daughter.

"She’s too hard, she's too strong-headed not to not come home," Mays said.

Meanwhile, Mays's faith in humanity is shaken.

"The worst part is not the actual accident, it's that you left them afterward," she said. "That's the crime. That’s the real crime, you just left."

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