Elk Grove Regional Park to Place Moratorium on Pond Fishing

ELK GROVE -- Park officials say they will soon put a moratorium on fishing at the popular Elk Grove Regional Park pond after waterfowl have been injured or killed by fishing gear left at the park.

Currently, special receptacles for the disposal of fishing line, hooks, lead weights or discarded bait are being used along the shoreline.

But Cosumnes Community Services District Parks Superintendent Steve Sims says ducks and geese continue to be harmed or killed.

The moratorium will allow district officials to get public input and ideas and to check with California Department of Fish and Wildlife's other park districts on how they handle the problem.

The solutions could include seasonal only fishing, requiring fishing licenses or a permanent ban of fishing at the park.

Alex Leier was fishing at the pond on his lunch break Thursday and has fished the pond since he was 10 years old.

"It would be a travesty not to be able to fish here," Leier said.

On the other hand, he says there is definitely an issue with irresponsible fishermen causing problems with water birds.

"There was a guy with a net out here the other day trying to catch one to get all the fishing line off of it," Leier said.

In addition to the fishing moratorium, park officials say they will increase their education efforts to stop another popular practice at the park -- feeding the ducks and geese with human food. No ban on feeding is imminent but there are thoughts of providing park goers with bird feed that is healthier for ducks and geese.

There is no set date yet for the fishing moratorium but it will likely come before the summer months.

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