Program Has Students Painting Large Mural in Downtown Roseville

ROSEVILLE -- Downtown Roseville is about to get a lot more colorful in the next couple of weeks, but the first mural being added to the landscape is being created by kids.

It's the first art camp of its kind in Roseville, teaching underserved youth how to work together to create a large-scale mural.

"We've worked with local artist Ali Futrell to create a design that not only speaks to Roseville but also lets our youth create something of lasting value," Blue Line Arts co-director Marytess Mayall said.

Many of the kids have never even taken an art class.

"I really didn't know much about painting because I wasn't very good at it, so this kind of taught me a little bit about it," participant Alexis Recopa said.

By the end of the week, they will have created a colorful work of art featuring different landmarks around historic Roseville.

"Really highlight the different city structures such as the Tower Theater, the Civic Center, the Carnegie Museum," Mayall said.

The first-ever Roseville mural project aims to bring more people to the heart of the historic city and a greater appreciation for the arts to the community.

"Infusing arts and culture into the neighborhood, I think, is really going to revitalize the area and get people excited to come down and visit downtown Roseville more often," Mayall said.

The finished mural can be seen this weekend at Blue Line Arts' Saturday art walk.

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