‘We’re Trapped’: Calaveras County Road Still Damaged Months after Winter Storms

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CALAVERAS COUNTY -- Two months since winter storms slammed parts of Northern California, the impacts are still being felt in Calaveras County.

People living near Railroad Flat say heavy rain in February washed out part of a road, leaving behind a 20-minute detour.

"People are still really edgy and angry because there’s no excuse for this," neighbor Keith Bucknell said.

Months after the storm, the road is mangled and still closed.

Families are so fed up that someone actually moved a concrete barrier out of the way. Neighbors say they had no other choice.

"It is inconvenient but that's not my primary concern," neighbor Linda Miotti said.

It's not just the longer drive that has neighbors upset -- they say they are concerned for their safety.

"Well, if there's a fire coming from the east, we're trapped," Bucknell said.

Four years ago, hundreds of Calaveras County families in the neighborhood escaped the deadly Butte Fire.

"Even though we had ample time to evacuate that may not be the case next time," Miotti said.

The director of the public works department says the county is working to repair the road before the summer and a contractor should begin clearing debris within the next month.

Once the debris is cleared, crews will have a better idea of how long repairs will take.

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