Decades-Old Sacramento Cigar Shop Will Shut Down Due to Flavored Tobacco Ban

SACRAMENTO -- People who are willing to pay the cost to puff on what they see as perfection will soon be paying the cost for the city of Sacramento's effort to keep flavored vaping products away from kids.

The new ban on those items is shutting down the last location of a cigar business that's been operating since 1983, the Briar Patch.

It will close its doors for good on May 24.

"Because they don't differentiate between vaping products and tobacco products and especially since we're coupled in with cigarettes as well, it kind of hurt everything that we do too," said Justin Patenaude.

While a very small part of the trade at other shops like Tower Pipes and Cigars is tied up in flavored products, Patenaude said at the Briar Patch they average around 30 percent of their stock.

"But it also made up most of our online and over the phone sales," he said.

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