Masked Man Jokes With Modesto Clerk Before Stealing Register

MODESTO -- A masked man's bizarre behavior was caught on camera as he pretended to rob a Modesto clerk.

In the video, the masked man can be seen aggressively running up to the clerk in what appears to be a robbery.

Then the interaction turns cordial as he claims he was only pretending. He removes his mask then asks the clerk if he remembers his name.

"You don’t remember my name, huh? Shooter," he says.

Moments later, the act becomes all too real.

"But I need the register," the man says. "I’m not playing with you."

The incident has left some customers perplexed.

"It was weird, like, it’s a little weird," said Michael Fisher.

The Modesto Police Department said the robber and another man, who served as a lookout, took off with a register last month from the Stop n' Save off Riverside Road.

"It’s not a game. It’s not a joke," Fisher told FOX40. "This is people’s livelihood out here. We’re all trying to make a living and support our families."

The man demands cash then forces his way behind the counter, grabs a register and runs off with his friend.

Juan Juaregui owns a nearby taco truck. He says he’s seen police at the store often.

He considers himself fortunate because he’s only been robbed twice.

"But at the taco truck, they only come two times in 21 years. So, that’s why I feel lucky because they only come twice," he said.

Stop n' Save employees told FOX40 it is their policy not to speak to media. However, there are a couple of flyers on the store’s door that say they are offering a reward.

Customers say they understand that making a living may be tough, but it’s not impossible.

"I’m from the hood too and I struggled," Fisher said. "I’ve come up against a lot of opposition but, you know, I didn’t have to go those routes."

If you have any information about the robbery contact Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers.

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