Roseville Police Searching for Man Suspected of Attempting to Kidnap a 12-Year-Old Boy

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ROSEVILLE -- Police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a 12-year-old boy in Roseville on Friday.

The young boy was waiting at his bus stop after school when a man aggressively tried to get him into his car.

Many of the neighbors’ kids ride on the same school bus as the young boy and they’re understandably shaken up about what happened.

They say it could just as easily have been their kids targeted; which is why Saturday night, their eyes were peeled for the suspect.

On any sunny Saturday you can bet you’ll find the Padpad kids pedaling around outside the family’s house. And their mom is now making sure to keep a watchful eye.

“There’s cars driving by here most of the time and you don’t know if they’re going to be safe,” Rhodaline Padpad exclaimed.

Parents expressed a heightened sense of worry after the attempted kidnapping just down the street.

“It’s scary! We have a lot of children in this area,” Kristine Monks stated.

Police say the young boy got off of his school bus around 4:15 p.m. near Sharp Circle and Breuner Drive.

“As the boy is waiting on the corner for his mom to pick him up, he is approached by a lime green 4-door sedan,” Rob Baquera with the Roseville Police Department said.

The man inside the car initially asked if the boy needed a ride home and when the boy replied, “no,” Baquera says that's when “the individual inside the car became very aggressive and demands the boy get in the car.”

The boy took off running  and was able to make it to a neighbor’s house down the street. They called his mom, and then the Roseville Police Department.

The suspect sped away down Harding Boulevard.

“The quick thinking of this boy was incredible. If you are being asked to do something that you don’t want to do, asked to get inside of someone’s car, the best thing to do is flee the scene and immediately report that to the police department,” Baquera explained.

Police are searching for the suspect who is described as a white man in his mid-30’s with brown eyes and a brown beard with some gray in it.

The man was wearing a black hoodie with the hood on his head when he pulled up to the boy in the lime green 4-door sedan. The car was described as having a dark interior and rips on the seat, the back windows were tinted and the hood of the car had noticeable oxidation marks.

Parents are now using this scary incident as a chance to remind their kids about safety.

“I said, ‘if any car slows down, you run the opposite way,’” Monks said.

“Now every time they’re out I’ll make sure I’m outside or someone is watching over them,” Padpad stated.

If you were in the area when this all happened or know anything about the incident, you’re asked to call the Roseville Police Department at 916-774-5000.

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