Saturday Night Brawl Sends Concertgoers at Ace of Spades Spilling Onto R Street

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SACRAMENTO --  More than a thousand concertgoers were sent running Saturday night after a massive fight broke out during a concert at Ace of Spades.

People who work along R Street and attend shows say it was unlike anything they had seen in the area.

"People were jumping off the stage and into the crowd," concert attendee Sam Cecil said. “People were trying to get onto the stage. It was like, low-key a brawl.”

Cecil was out with some friends seeing SOB x RBE perform when he says people on stage started fighting.

"I know they’re from the Bay and they’re pretty hard but a full on brawl is kind of a lot," Cecil said.

That brawl sent more than a thousand people attending the show running out to the street.

Daniel Kintz watched from the Shady Lady saloon next door.

"The block was pretty lit last night. Maybe 20 plus police cars came by there. And people were coming out of Ace of Spades," Kintz, who works at Shady Lady, told FOX40.

Police say when they showed up just after 10 people at the show took off running.

No injuries have been reported, but police are investigating.

Businesses nearby worry all this commotion could hurt their bottom line.

"People here were kind of unsettled. But, you know, I tried to calm everybody down and brought them inside just in case something went down," Kintz said.

Kintz says he’s now hoping the fight won’t stop the party on R street.

“Shouldn’t have to worry about something like that going down," he said.

FOX40 reached out to Ace of Spades for a comment and they redirected us to their owners, Live Nation, who has yet to respond.

Meanwhile, employees say security protocol will stay the same for Sunday night's show, and they’re hoping they don’t have anymore issues.

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