Whistleblower Prompts Changes to Sacramento Police Department’s Off-Duty Officer Employment Policies

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Police Department says it has begun to address concerns raised by a whistleblower over the use of off-duty police officers for privately paid security duties.

Police presence is often required at large events or special events in the city for security or traffic control. There is no shortage of officers who sign up to earn extra pay, which is provided by event organizers.

The city auditor reviewed the program following the whistleblower complaint. He found that the department was contracting with certain businesses for long-term services as opposed to one time only events and that contract rates were not uniform.

He also found that such contracts are required by state code to be approved by the city council.

Since November, the department has raised the hourly rate for off-duty officers to cover administrative costs. Deputy Police Chief Kathy Lester also said the department is working with the auditor, city finance officials and the city manager to ensure proper procedures are followed in the future.

City Auditor Jorge Oseguera told FOX40 there will be no repercussions over the unintended violation of administrative procedures and the program is likely to run more efficiently with the changes and pledges of cooperation.

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