Car Slams into Home in South Sacramento Along Valley Hi Drive

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- A close call for two people who were injured when the car they were riding in slammed into a home Thursday afternoon in the Valley Hi neighborhood.

The home owners were not home at the time of the accident but say it’s a case of Deja vu.

Back in 2012 the same house was also hit by a car.

The owners are staying with relatives after the gas main was severed in the accident.

Ask anyone around the neighborhood and they will tell you speed, and reckless driving is to blame for not only this accident but many others before.

The speed limit is posted at 35 mph along Valley Hi Drive but according to residents, cars routinely zip along at much faster speeds than that.

“We hear a lot of cars, fast cars, going by here all the time,” said Bill Sligar.

And that's what is suspected when a car ended up losing control and plowing into the side of a home.

The damage to the home goes from the front of the house all the way to the fence in the backyard.

“My father-in-law calls and the first words out of his mouth are, “it happened again.” We realized another car has hit the house and this is the second time this has happened,” said Vance Toloy.

The first time, Toloy's in-laws were asleep in the home.

Their son-n-law says the couple had fears and it took some time to get past that first incident but now that it has happened again, they won’t even enter the rooms closest to the street.

“Now my parents are scared to go to the bathroom or take a shower. It took them a long time to get comfortable again after the first accident,” Toloy said.

“People speeding down this road, too impatient to slow down and just give a little respect to other drivers,” Toloy said.

Frustrating to many who live in this neighborhood and who would like to see more stop signs or speed bumps put in.

Some residents already protecting their homes with barriers to prevent yet another accident.

“Twelve homes right within a block of here that have been hit by cars,” said Sligar. “Bad accidents that put families out of their homes until they had to rebuild them.”

Toloy's in-laws will be staying with him until the extensive damage to their home is repaired and the residence is once again livable.

Until then, the latest incident will serve as a reminder of the dangers residents face daily along Valley Hi Drive.

“I think we need to take this seriously before somebody does get killed,” Toloy stated.

“I don't want to be the one who says, “I told you so,” when a child loses his life or gets seriously injured, because that's what is going to happen, I guarantee you,” Sligar added.

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