Sheriff Jones Discusses New Netflix Show ‘Jailbirds’ About Sacramento County’s Female Inmates

SACRAMENTO -- Starting this Friday, Netflix will premiere its new series "Jailbirds," showing the life of female inmates inside the Sacramento County Main Jail.

"You always think about men being in prisons, in jails, but about 10% of our population, as any population of inmates, is female," said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

Jones gave the green light to the production company when they approached the sheriff's office sometime last year about filming the series.

It gives insight into the daily occurrences involving some inmates while in custody. Jones said what viewers will see in "Jailbirds" is real life at the downtown jail -- unfiltered.

Jones also said the sheriff's office won't be paid for the series. He did ask for editorial control, enabling his undersheriff to view all six episodes before airing.

The sheriff said there were no issues and the series' aim was not to catch them in a "gotcha" moment. All in all, he said it was a good experience.

"I could be wrong," Jones told FOX40. "We could be having another interview in another week after I've seen six episodes and thinking, 'What was I thinking? This was the worst decision I've ever made.'"

All six episodes will be available to watch on Friday.

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