South Placer Inmates, Jail Staff and K-9 Hospitalized Following Exposure to Unknown Substance

Update: The Placer County Sheriff’s Office reports the booking area remained closed Tuesday and was still being cleaned. Everyone was released from the hospital. They are expected to be OK.

ROSEVILLE — Several inmates and jail staff, as well as a K-9 officer, were hospitalized Monday for exposure to an unknown chemical substance inside the South Placer Jail in Roseville.

Around 3 p.m., the Roseville Fire Department reports a call came in about an inmate “showing (an) altered level of consciousness” after a prisoner brought an unknown substance into the jail booking area.

Four male inmates, eight staff members and a K-9 officer had to be treated and decontaminated by fire personnel before they were transported to local hospitals for additional evaluation.

Three female inmates were treated on site and placed back in custody after decontamination, according to the fire department.

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the jail was placed on lockdown.

At first, investigators thought the group had been exposed to fentanyl but now they feel they’re dealing with an unknown substance that produced some very strange behavior.

“Not knowing where they were, what their name was. Kind of feeling disoriented or like something just wasn’t right,” said Jaime Garrett with the Roseville Fire Department.

A thorough cleaning of the facility’s booking area will follow the decontamination procedure. New bookings are now being processed at the Auburn Jail.

As of Monday morning, 378 inmates were at the South Placer Jail.

Stay with FOX40 for more updates on this developing incident.

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