Marysville Residents Decry Camp Fire Debris Trucks Clogging Highway 70, Rumbling Down Residential Streets

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MARYSVILLE -- The recovery from the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County is having unintended consequences for the city of Marysville.

Highway 70 runs through the middle of town and, under normal circumstances, is congested through the day -- but add to that as many as 400 big rigs a day and it can be traffic chaos for those who have to make their way through town.

The additional 400 or so debris trucks clog major intersections and sometimes take shortcuts through residential streets, generating dozens of complaints.

"They skirt the stop lights on the state highway and then we’re also seeing residential traffic trying to avoid the main arteries too going into residential areas," Marysville Police Chief Christian Sachs said.

That makes it tough on those who live in those neighborhoods.

"We don’t have garages here, so we use this main street to park and then when they’re here it's hard to get around," neighbor Natasha Crum said.

For the past week, police have been busy writing citations for debris trucks that block intersections and rumble down residential streets.

The trucks head south out of town to a waste site toward Wheatland.

The county is monitoring damage to local roads by the volume of heavy trucks headed to the disposal site. There is a possibility of requesting emergency funds to effect repairs if required.

"We'll take a look at this afterwards and see what we can do about repairing these roads, but right now we understand it has to happen," Yuba County spokesman Russ Brown said.

City and county officials are doing their best to anticipate the flow of trucks through town. Trucks have locators that identify their location, and traffic lights are timed to reduce delays.

But the loads still come in spurts that are hard to control.

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