Jackson Car Wash Owner Responds after Pickup Truck’s Camper Shell Ripped Apart

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Update: The owner of the car wash in Jackson released the following statement, as well as photographs showing CJ Pearce's camper shell still open as he enters the car wash:

Upon investigation, we’ve discovered that the incident happened because a camper shell on the customer’s vehicle was open when it entered the car wash. We provide clear directions to customers prior to entry of the carwash to close and lock their camper tops. We take complaints very seriously and have contacted the customer directly. The carwash was closed temporarily while maintenance repaired the damage. We are now open for business.

The incident report filed Monday at the car wash includes, "Customer stated that he didn't have (the camper shell window) closed all the way ... ."

On Wednesday, Pearce responded to the car wash owner's statement:

It actually was not opened. The glass door automatically locks when in the down position. The glass door does not sit tightly against the truck by design so that water runs off of it and down the exterior of the tail gate and not into the bed of the truck.

JACKSON -- A man drove his pick up truck to an Arco AM-PM on Highway 49 in Jackson to get it washed but instead it was scratched up and damaged.

It's not the way CJ Pearce hoped to be showing off his Dodge Ram 1500 less than a year after driving it off a Lodi car lot.

"The glass was all right here," he said pointing to the area where is camper shell once was. "The glass got ripped off by the car wash and I think flung up on top."

(Courtesy: CJ Pearce)

The camper shell sustained most of the damage in Monday's incident. Pearce removed it because of all the broken glass still falling out.

The youth director from the Cornerstone Church of Ione was at the car wash with one of the teens he ministers to when he says the big roller brush going over the pickup truck became a big, brutal brush.

He says he specifically bought a truck with that kind of camper shell to tote gear for his church's youth ministry. The just used it to stock a rummage sale that's now sending 12 kids to summer camp.

"As it reached the back of the vehicle, the truck started jumping up and down," Pearce explained. "There was a big bang. There was glass thrown all over it."

Instead of stopping after there was a problem in the middle of the wash, the machine kept going.

"So the little tiny pieces of safety glass all got slapped into the paint," Pearce said.

Once the sudsy scare was over and he was able to get his car out, Pearce reported the incident to the station.

"Went and got a manager and she filed an incident report but was very quick to remind me, 'Hey, this is at your own risk,'" he said.

Since no one at the station knew about Monday's incident, FOX40 was told to call another person who "handles all of the car wash incidents." We have yet to hear back.

Pearce's Facebook post with pictures of the damage garnered a slew of comments from other drivers who claimed they've had side mirrors and windshield wipers ripped off at the same Arco AM-PM car wash.

However, after Pearce took to social media he heard from his insurance company.

"They're coming after my insurance because I caused damage to their business and caused them to have a loss of business," Pearce said. "That is really frustrating, really frustrating."

Pearce said Mercury Insurance is backing him in this situation 100%.

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