Family Seeks Closure after Suspect Kills Couple in Grass Valley

GRASS VALLEY -- A mother of two, described by loved ones as a free spirit, was killed in Grass Valley Monday along with her fiance.

Trisha Johnston remembered her sister, 25-year-old Rabecca Mershon, Thursday.

"I miss the most how she would make us laugh and how she made us feel better whenever we had a bad day," Johnston said.

Grass Valley police say just after 10 p.m., Mershon and 35-year-old David Dominguez were found dead inside their basement apartment on Glenwood Road. They were both shot multiple times.

Police later arrested 35-year-old Michael Pocock, who lived at another home on the property. He now faces charges in connection with the couple's murder.

"Why would he take her from us?" Mershon's sister told FOX40. "He had no place to do that, no right."

While Johnston mourned the loss of her youngest sister, she also grieved for her sister’s fiance.

"When I would talk to my sister he would say that he was very well-loved, that he loved her. He’ll be missed too," she said.

Two families are now left waiting for justice and a motive.

"I don’t feel like we have closure," Johnston said. "I mean, I know that he’s sitting in jail right now waiting to be sentenced, but I don't think we’ll ever have the closure that we need."

Johnston, who lives out of state, said she will be traveling to California in the next few days, along with her siblings, to lay Mershon to rest.

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