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Many Try to Make the Most of Wet, Cold Memorial Day Weekend

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FOLSOM LAKE -- The sun sparkling on the water and beautiful views from Folsom Lake State Recreation Area are normally a big draw for families Memorial Day weekend.

But this year, many visitors' annual trips were dampened by the scattered showers and cool temperatures.

"Usually, we’d be like swimming, enjoying the heat and the sun but it’s been pretty cold lately, so we’re mostly just staying inside," said visitor Andrew Borjigin.

The unseasonable weather forced some to change their weekend plans.

"Go trekking in Tahoe, that was the main plan. But now in Tahoe also it’s rainy and snow showers," said Folsom Lake regular Arvin Balakumar.

Frequent visitors to the lake said the empty picnic table and the families sprinkled few and far between was an unusual sight, especially for a holiday weekend.

"It’s literally empty," Balakumar told FOX40. "You hardly see any cars and people fishing."

Balakumar lives nearby and said last year the recreation area was busy with boaters and kayakers out on the water, and people everywhere you looked.

"It was packed, it was totally packed," Balakumar said. "You had a lot of people, like at least 50 to 60 heads you can see wherever you turn and you can’t get a parking spot very easily, it was that packed."

Away from the lake, the threat of rain wasn’t enough to stop thousands from enjoying the food and fun at the Sacramento County Fair.

"Attendance has been fantastic," said Sacramento County Fair CEO Pamela Fyock.

Fyock said despite the cooler weather, the fair saw record-breaking attendance Friday.

"The animals like it. The kids like it," she told FOX40. "So, it’s been a positive and I think you’d rather come to the fair and put a sweater on than have it be 105 and be sweating."

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