Emergency Crews Train for Helicopter Emergency Scenario at Sutter Roseville

Data pix.

ROSEVILLE -- What would happen if a Black Hawk helicopter crashed into Sutter Roseville Medical Center? A training exercise was held Wednesday to prepare emergency crews for that exact scenario.

"The scenario, since we live in earthquake country and wildfire country, we're the only helipad that can land a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter actually in their hospital helipad. So we're simulating that we're getting evacuees from a major disaster and as they're coming down, an unmanned aerial drone strikes the tail rotor, causing it to crash," Sutter Roseville Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Erik Angle said.

Firefighters, paramedics and hospital staff worked together for the drill. They say practicing alongside one another can be extremely important when it comes to real emergency situations.

"Know who to talk to and know each other's protocols and how you would respond so you can work well together seamlessly," Angle said. "And that’s critical for any community to have."

And the drill comes at a good time, as Sutter Roseville is in the process of expanding its emergency department to treat nearly double the number of patients.

With more capacity, the hospital staff is preparing to deal with more emergency situations like this one.

"To practice these ahead of time is critical. That way if they do happen in reality, we’ve already worked out all the kinks," Angle told FOX40. "We’ve got all the bells and whistles dialed in."

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