Drivers Seem Fine with California Gas Tax, As Long As Roads Are Fixed

SACRAMENTO -- California's gas tax will go into effect July 1, raising the price of gas by 5.6 cents per gallon.

The money collected from the increased tax is meant to be used to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure.

"Down in the south end, by Meadowview, there's roads that really need to be repaired," Robert Bell, who drives for Lyft, told FOX40. "Any time there’s an increase in gas, of course it’s going to affect my profit, but like I say I’m willing to pay for it for the better good."

The tax increase brings California's gas tax from 41.7 cents to 47.3 cents. While the 5.6 cent increase may not seem like much, Californians were only paying a tax of 28 cents per gallon in 2016.

"I think it’s a shame. I just went to Florida and it was literally $2.39 for premium gas and here it’s almost 4 bucks," driver Justin Ward said.

Driver Johnny Tyler says he honestly doesn’t mind paying a few more cents, as long as the potholes disappear.

"I've busted two tires. Two," he told FOX40. "I've got two tires on that side that are smaller than my normal tires because of a hole in the road."

Overall, every driver FOX40 spoke with on Friday says they just haven’t seen the road improvements even though some projects have already begun across the state.

"I mean, I drive the freeway everyday and they’re pretty horrible, and I don’t see where my money’s going," Ward said.

The state says the gas tax increase aims to generate $50 billion for transportation projects over the next decade.

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