Modesto Businesses Along McHenry Avenue Targeted by Vandals

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MODESTO -- Businesses along Modesto’s McHenry Avenue were recently tagged with graffiti.

Monday, Esther Florez at China Express gave voice to some of the frustration business owners up and down the street were feeling.

“Even here on the sidewalk,” she pointed out. “Yeah, so we have to bleach that."

Other merchants who have recently been tagged on McHenry Avenue between Briggsmore Avenue and Rumble Road were also upset but did not want to speak out because they were too worried about the vandals returning armed with something else besides spray paint.

Florez said the graffiti could go hand in hand with the homeless problem China Express and other businesses are up against.

"Sometimes we have to call the cops because they leave a lot of mess here,” Florez said.

She also had a message for those who continue to deface what others have worked so hard to build up for the community.

"Show some respect, don't do it,” she said. “You'd be better off not to. Find something else to do."

Business owners can get help from the city of Modesto after vandals attack. Just download the GoModesto! app, take a picture of the graffiti and send that picture along with an incident report through the app. A city abatement team will be sent out free of charge.

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