Surveillance Shows Rancho Cordova Family’s French Bulldog Walk Away With Stranger

UPDATE: Louie has been located and is set to be reunited with his family soon.

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FOLSOM -- Marissa Rittiron and her family are desperately missing everything about their beloved French bulldog Louie.

They brought 3-year-old Louie along on a family outing to Folsom Lake Saturday.

On their way back, they stopped for gas at the Shell station at Folsom Boulevard and Blue Ravine Road. Surveillance video shows how Louie jumped out of the car while Rittiron was filling up.

She thought he was under a blanket during the drive home to Rancho Cordova. The family was shocked to realize Louie was missing.

"It literally felt like he disappeared,” Rittiron told FOX40 Tuesday. “Like I just watched him vanish because he wasn't in the front, in the back. I'm panicking and then I just speed back to the gas station and look around, ask around."

The surveillance video shows Louie hanging around the gas station. He catches the attention of a man with a ponytail wearing a gray tank top, red shorts and a black hat with lettering.

Louie is right outside the convenience store while the man buys something.

The man comes out, pats Louie on the head and Louie follows him.

"He's like, ‘Oh, I guess I'm following you now," Rittiron said.

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Rittiron doesn't think the man nor his companions had any bad intentions.

"They seemed like friendly people. They genuinely looked like they were kind of waiting to see, 'Is anybody searching for their dog?'” she explained. “They looked like they were trying to seek out the owner. And then they were even nice enough to try to give him water."

The man decided to take Louie with him in his red Chevrolet Blazer. The surveillance video did not show a license plate number on the Blazer and the vehicle had no front plate.

"They probably just, like, made that decision, 'Well, I don't want to leave you here. So, I guess you are going to come with us,’” Rittiron said. “So, I feel better knowing he's not stuck outside with the Fourth of July around the corner."

Louie's family has been trying to reach that man.

"Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, just anywhere, and then a lot of other people have been reposting it as well," Rittiron said.

Her son, Izzan, even offered his allowance money as a reward – all $32 of it.

If you're out there and you have Louie, you can bring him to PetSmart or any shelter where they can scan his microchip and reunite him with his family.

"We're just hoping that somebody sees this and just really helps us bring our dog back home," Rittiron said.

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