Calaveras County Firefighters See Uptick in Rattlesnake Reports

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CALAVERAS COUNTY -- The Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District says they’ve dealt with an excessive number of rattlesnakes within the past month and now they’re warning families to be cautious.

“This (past) month we’ve had 12 alone rattlesnake incidents that we’ve been dispatched to. We’ve had several other phone-in reports,” said Calaveras Consolidated Fire Apparatus Engineer Dustin Galliazo.

Galliazo said so far one person has been bitten by a rattlesnake and a mother found another one on a playground.

“Not really surprised just knowing the area and knowing how common it is to find one,” said Calaveras County resident and uncle Aaron White. “I haven’t seen one myself but a lot of people have.”

Firefighters also say they found not one but two rattlesnakes at a Valley Springs Burger King one day last month.

Galliazo said families like White’s need to be prepared.

“Wearing long pants and boots if hiking. Do not hike alone, always have a companion with you,” he said. “We also recommend teaching children about snakes and teaching them to stay away and respect the animals.”

If you do see one, Galliazo says your best bet is to leave it alone.

That’s exactly what White said he intends to do.

“All these tall grasses, they could be hiding anywhere,” he told FOX40. “So it’s not too surprising to me but it is scary.”

Firefighters also warn even if a snake appears to be dead, leave it alone because its venom can still harm you.

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